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Kamera Led

Kamera Led
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Model: Kamera led
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Kamera sa led diodama za pregled i snimanje donjeg

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Ungraded Under Vehicle Search camera with 7 inch LCD screen

Product Features:

The visual vehicle inspection mirrors with the function of Video Recording, using multi-media player with a 7-inch LCD screen and DVR, not only can process real-time checks, but also to screen checked record for future view.



Working voltage: DC12V

Operating Current: 220mA.

LCD screen: 7 inch high-definition screen

camera: 1 / 3 "Sharp-chip

power supply: large-capacity rechargeable battery

Lens angle: 3.6mm wide-angle lens.

Three back wheels


Resolution: 1 / 3 inch

chip: 420 line Sharp CCD

Power Supply: DC12V

automatic infrared night vision function


Screen size: 7 inches

Resolution: 480 * 320 * RGB


Power supply: Built-in 3.7V rechargeable battery



When the screen images distorted or no images and the indicator behind the host box is not extinguished, you should charge the host box. Using the 13.8V/1000mA charger to change the Host Box, at the process,at forst it is red,when full, it is green



When appears the low-voltage logo on the screen or automatic shutdown, you need to use the 5V/1A of small charger to charge the DVR.Charging time is normally 4-8 hours, preferably not more than 8 hours, or DVR's Built-in battery life will be affected. In the process of charging, DVR the will be a small indicator light is red on the lower right corner of DVR , green when it is full.


PACKAGE LIST                                 

One Camera

One Host Box(with Aluminum)



Two Charger (13.8V/1000mA,5V/1A)

























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Kamera Led
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Kamera Led
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Kamera Led
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Kamera Led
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Kamera Led
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